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complies with all standards and guidelines with respect to the ergonomics

of 24/7 monitor workplaces including ISO11064 and NEN-EN 527

ample legroom under the complete width of the workstation according to


electric height adjustment of work surface 65-130 cm, therefore highly

suitable for working in a standing or seated position

monitors electrically adjusted in height, independent of the work surface

has an operating panel with display for height adjustment

height adjustment system is fitted with an integrated 'piezo' anti-collision


highly stable frame

sturdy, 16 mm thick, solid core HPL work surface with ergonomically

rounded corners

a lot of space for installation of equipment and cables

integrated system enclosure accessible either from the front or the back

sophisticated cable management system

separate flexible cable carriers integrated in legs for power supply and data

cable tray with 230VAC sockets behind the monitors

mounting system for second monitor level

larger integrated system enclosure

19 inch mounting frames and shelves in the technical instrument cabinet

signal lighting integrated in monitor rail or as an attachment

fold away power/data modules inserted in work surface


standard and optional items

SPLIT brief description


A - integrated system enclosure

B - cable tray

C - flexible cable carrier

D - monitor bracket

E - flip-up/down access panel

Mounting system monitor

see page 26