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A sit-stand workstation whereby the

work surface and monitors can be

adjusted irrespective of each other.

The monitors can be placed lower than

the work surface. Ideal for a double

row of monitors or if you must have an

optimum view of what is behind the

workstation, for example a video wall

or a production area.

A versatile sit-stand workstation with a

lot of adjustment options and therefore

suitable for nearly every application.

Not only is it possible to adjust the

height of the work surface but also the

height of the monitors and the

monitor viewing distance, either

manually or electrically.

A simple yet complete and stable

sit-stand workstation.

The technical instrument cabinet and

the cables are accessible from the front

making this workstation suitable for

placing up against a wall or back to


The TITAN workstation is

specially designed to facilitate

large screens (43" tot 56").

This workstation is therefore highly

suitable for so-called 'one pixel space

solutions' whereby images from

different sources can be displayed on

one or two large screens.