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Developing furniture for 24/7 environments often means providing tailored solutions. After all, every

workplace is different and every situation calls for its own requirements and needs.

Therefore we have developed four different workstations, available in various shapes, dimensions

and colours:









These workstations can be extended with such a wide range of add-on options that it is possible to

provide a solution for nearly every situation, completely meeting all your needs and requirements.

We have put all of our experience and expertise into the development of these workstations. This

expertise and experience together with our product and market knowledge makes us capable of

providing tailored solutions based on a sophisticated range of standard furniture.

Turning tailored solutions into standard workstations has other advantages too. We simplify and

speed up the process at the initial stage of fitting your A.R.C. or control room. Length of time for job

completion is reduced because we can deliver from stock.

And last but not least, our standard workstations are attractively and competitively priced.

In the unusual event that none of our standard workstations fulfil your requirements, we can of

course provide 100% made to measure tailored products.