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24/7 in control is all that counts


At companies and organisations where everything revolves around

control, continuity and safety, nothing must go wrong.

Staff work in situations demanding continued concentration and must be able to do their work

without any interruptions. They must be able to rely on and have full confidence in technology,

equipment and accessories. Everything has to be just so, right down to their workspace.

However, CREON advises starting with the workspace.

Workspaces in 24/7 control situations must comply with the highest technical, construction and

ergonomic requirements. CREON has a proven track record since 1997 in being able to incorporate

all of these requirements into their 24/7 Furniture solutions. Combining solid strength, functionality

and modern design together in an innovative way.

It is with good reason that our 24/7 Furniture solutions play a permanent and durable role in many

alarm receiving centres (A.R.C.) and control rooms both around the Netherlands and internationally.

Everything must be correct.

Based on our years of experience, we know what is involved in the

development of a state of the art furniture for A.R.C.s and control rooms.

We know that these types of furniture must be sturdy and hard-wearing and that at times can be

subjected to harsh treatment.

In these situations, staff want to be able to work in either a seated or standing position and that the

furniture and monitors must be able to be adjusted in height accordingly and independently.

The workspace must have a well organised cable management system to ensure that cables are out

of sight and out of harm's way.

All equipment must be safe and easy to reach for servicing parts and maintenance.

Work involved in the continuity of companies or the safety of our society demands dedication,

professionalism and responsibility. These are exactly the same qualities which we apply to the

development and manufacture of our furniture.

Cleverly thought through right down to the smallest detail, of extra high quality and undisputed

durability so that the furniture can function around the clock for years without problems.